LIS 3353 – A8 Infographics
April 18, 2014, 7:20 pm
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My blog post for LIS 3353 Assignment 8, Infographics.

1. How has the number of freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors, and graduate students changed over the last ten years? The number of faculty?

  • The overall number of students since 2004 to 2013 has increased a slight amount with a difference of 2669. In 2013 faculty, graduate, senior, junior, and sophomore enrollment has gone up, with the most increase being in senior enrollment with a difference of  2470 students. Freshmen enrollment however has gone down by a difference of 1380.

2. Which departments have the highest and lowest number of students? The highest and lowest number of faculty?

  • The department with the highest student enrollment numbers was the Biological Science department with 2,396 students. The department with the highest faculty enrollment numbers was the Learning Systems Institute with 97 faculty members. There was a tie for the lowest number of enrolled students in a department with Greek and Slavic only having one student each within the department. The department with the lowest number of faculty members is actually a large number of them only having one member each, a total of 76 of these departments were included.

3. Which departments and colleges have more graduate students than undergraduates?

  • Not many departments actually had more graduates than under graduates, only a total of four departments did. Statistics, Social Work, German, and Geology had more students that were graduates. Most of the departments only had a small margin of difference with Statistics only having 26 more, German having 2 more, and Geology having 1 more. The Social Work department however had a big margin of difference, with a total of  204 more students within the department.
A8 Infographic

PNG file of my A8 infographic



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